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 god of lust pkin guide

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god of lust
Junior Member
Junior Member

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PostSubject: god of lust pkin guide   Wed Jun 06, 2012 10:49 pm

1. armor and weapons, rich*
Legs- bandos tassy
Body- Fighter torso
Helm- helm of nietz
Primary Weapon- chaotic rapier
Boots-Dragon boots
Ring-Berserker Ring
Gloves- Barrows Gloves

Ok now that you got the gear, its now time to set up ur inventory, use 3 super restores 1 super attack 1 super str 1 saradomin brew, and veng runes (10 earth 4 astral and 2 deaths per cast) and and either a dds or ags depends on what u got.

now for the best part. killin people, when you go into wildy make sure that you pot up using saradomin brew first then use super restore then ur super attakc and str pots after that put up veng b4 u go into wildy that is very important. then find your first victom. walk up to him, ask him, "fight" and if he/she says yes then continue to attack him. after he breaks ur veng veng imediently after that, and left click your ags and click f1 and it will take u to the spec screen, when you get him about half way down click "wield armadyl godsword" and then imediently click special, and if your luck is going well you should kill him.

ps dnt forget to use prayer. and now

i dafauk pker am not responsible for any lost bank do not take anything into wildy that you are nto willing to loose shit happens in the wildy
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Dubeast-Pkz Owner
Dubeast-Pkz Owner

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PostSubject: nice dude   Wed Jun 06, 2012 11:58 pm


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god of lust pkin guide
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