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 Drew's PK Guide

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Dubeast-Pkz Owner
Dubeast-Pkz Owner

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PostSubject: Drew's PK Guide   Tue Oct 04, 2011 9:46 pm

Drew's PK Guide

This guide will show you the basics of PKing. The DREW way.

You will need this Inventory:

-The food (rocktails) can also be used as a Saradomin Brew. It can raise your health above max.

-The whip is the normal hitting weapon. it can be used with the defender for extra strength and speed when you want to just hit constantly

-The Dragon Dagger (p++) is used as the special attack/finishing weapon. It has 4 specs which is extremely useful. it also costs under 100k so it is extremely cheap. A strong essential for this strategy.

-The Dharok Axe is the big hitter. Use while at half or less health, it won't fail you. It hits higher the lower your health is (that is if you have the full dh set) It is extremely powerful, don't forget that.

-The runes are for the vengeance. do ::switch 2 to get into the lunar spellbook. Vengeance is extremely helpful when you want to make the fight very fair. even against an AGS this can be extremely helpful because of how high it hits back.

-The super restore potion is for prayer and other stats lowered by, example, bgs spec. It lowers defense.
also helpful against smiters.

-The super set is to give you an advantage skill-wise. Highers your stats, and helps more than you think.



-The Dharok set for the strength, defense, and strong axe.

-The berserker ring for extra strength bonus

-The Amulet of Fury for Extreme bonuses in most attack bonuses and strength.

-Fire cape (legend's cape works too, that is, if you don't have the firecape, if you do, use it!) for Strength bonuses and beyond.

-Dragon Boots just add to the strength bonus, which is needed in this high hitting strategy.

-The Barrow's Looking gloves to top it off with a nice barrow loving look.



-Turmoil, for the amazing bonuses in Attack, Strength, and Defense.

-Protect Item, For if you die (odds are you won't with my strategy) you keep an extra, or one (if skulled) item.


Skulling is OKAY, but try not to. You are not risking TOO much, so you can always get it back.

Here are the Steps in order!

1. VENGEANCE! Click the spell and you are ready for any opening hit your opponent might inflict on you.

2.Make sure you are POTTED UP, SARA BREW, Restore (sarabrew takes stats down), then superset.

3.When someone attacks you, or you attack someone, turn your prayer on when you are in battle!

4.Have your whip and your defender out. Whacking away some nice hitsplats is a good sight for any pker!

5.When you get below 50% health, (if you do) take out your axe, and eat every time they hit on you, just one food per hit though. (0s don't count)

6.When the opponent gets below 50% hp, take your dds out. its SPEC TIME!

7.use your specs on your dds, i usually use all of them, but if you want to save one or 2 you may do so.

8.use your whip if they eat to full/safe

9.take out your axe if you want to make their death painless and clean

10.keep it out, be ready to eat.

11.Here is the fun part! RIGHT CLICK on your dds if you saved specs,

12.while you are right clicked, click f1 on your keyboard
it should take you to the attack style/spec attack menu. wear dds

14.and special attack!

FINISHED! :: hopefully you finished them off!

15. if not, take out your axe, and it should not be long until you have some good loot!


This guide was created by me, drew, Comment on how you like it!


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Dubeast-Pkz Owner
Dubeast-Pkz Owner

Posts : 169
Join date : 2011-10-03
Age : 22
Location : Minnesota

Character sheet
Dicing: 9000000000

PostSubject: test   Wed Oct 05, 2011 12:31 am

Test reply
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god of lust
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Junior Member

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PostSubject: Re: Drew's PK Guide   Wed Jun 06, 2012 8:12 pm

gj Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Drew's PK Guide   

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Drew's PK Guide
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