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Server Status: ONLINE (READ){NEWSLETTER} Empty
PostSubject: Server Status: ONLINE (READ){NEWSLETTER}   Server Status: ONLINE (READ){NEWSLETTER} EmptyTue Jul 10, 2012 1:24 am


The old, original, and the one that I worked the most on, is back. The original 317 PKING Server, so that we can live up to the name Dubeast-Pkz, as a PK server.

I am resetting the advertisements, and going back to my old ways.

It is fun for me, and all, to fight, and this server is based on it.

We are back!


The reason I am switching back to this, and not a 667 spawn server, mainly, is because I worked hard on this, and can say it is my work.

The 667 would be hard to code, for I don't know much about coding 667.

The 317 that looks newer is extremely laggy and has leaky and extensive engine loads, so only like 3 people could log on without a huge huge lag bomb, it would still be laggy even with 1 person (that's why you don't make a 317 look like a 525)

I also didn't stay with the other server because it's no fun to sit around skilling when you could be having fun fighting and taking risks!

I am importing the vote4cash from the other server, and also importing some other things that I liked in the other server! (I made the vote4cash, but put the command in the old server, so I'll just copy and paste it so I don't have to rewrite anything.


I love forum activity, I am more active on forums than most people, see if you can beat me in the most posts in the week contest, I will reward you!


Check back on the forums on the CALENDER (you can access this on the top bar, click CALENDER) for dates on contests and competitions, and check the relating post for information on that specific event.


Want to sell an item, but no one is on? Make a post in the buying or selling section of the forums and say what you want!




Last edited by Drewdubeast on Tue Jul 10, 2012 1:26 am; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : added title to newsletter info)
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